Lenders, At this time we are looking for some lenders, or at least one good lender,  If you have money and would like to invest, we would like to talk to you, as always the lending amount and interest will play a big part in the lending in dustry. If interested, call or contact us and we will arrange the necessary meeting to get you on board with our company. We would like to Thank You for your interest.

Contact us: 

The Money Group,  Is severaL companies in one. Just look at the above task bar, pick the tab you are interested in and click on the tab. Tt will automatically take you to the page where you can find all the information you will need. I suggest you review  all of them just to know what we provide to the public, wether commedrcial, residential or individual. We have several companies not listed at this time but will be listed at a later date. We strive to be your one stop company, providing you with everything you need from loans or water purification to employment. If you need something we want to provide it for you.  If you desire to buy or sell anything, from cars to construction material we want to be your contact. Let our company handle everything for you.  

used to secure the loan. Just call or notify us and let us know how much you need and we will work to get you the money you desire. can and will help you.

Water Purification System,  We install and sell water purification systems, all types, wether commercial or residential and all supplies needed to operate them. We offer service plans, where we monitor the systems , and maintain them on a regular basis, therefore taking away all the worry of the system for you. Our plans are flexible, either monthly or every 3 months. Any needed supplies will be replaced and billed according. We also will be adding an online catalog so you can order directly from our company and have delivered to you.


Real Estate, We buy and sell all types of property, run down or burned out building, empty lots, houses, commercial buildings, We also remodel these properties for sale, or just to improve on them for the owner. Anything that involves real estate or construction, we can do it. Need a bathroom or a new kitchen, a roof, or a bedroom, have water damage that need repairs, need a new floor, We can handle it.


Construction Material or Equipment, We buy and sell all types of cobnstruction material and equiptment, new are used.  Need something, Call us.  Go the construction page and review just some of the supplies and equipment we buy. If you want to sell something we want to buy it, If you want to buy something we want to sell it to you. Call or contact us today.


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Motorcycles, We, buy, sell and rent all types of motorcycles. If you need one, contact us, we also offer driving courses, for people that want to learn how to drive one with safely. Motorcycles can be and are very dangerous in traffic. Most people just do not look out or care anything about the riders on bikes. We urge a safety course on each bike and that you at least have yourself very familiar with your bike before going into traffic areas. If you want to upgrade your bike or sell your bike call us.  This business is covered under loans, and the bike being bought can be used to secure the loan.  At this time we do not have inventory for you to see, so what you need to do is pick out your bike and then call,  or come see us with the paperwork on the bike you want. We also have referral programs, were you send a friend to buy a bike or vehicle and we will pay you cash for anyone that buys a vehicle or bike from us. just another way to make a little money for yourself


24/7 Towing Service, We are you complete towing service.  Trucks, trailers, cars, pickup, scooters, motorcycles, jeepie all types and suv's. We try to handle everything ourselves but let our associates handle the heavier equipment. We definitely want your business and will do all to help you in this time of need. We will work with you to get what ever you need. What you need, when you need it. We tow everything


Employment, Have a skill or trade, are you looking for a job to learn a skill or to build a business on your on. We are your employment connection. Have an auto repair shop or motorcycle repair shop, need extra business call us, just one of many types of employees we are looking for. We also need sales people and contractors, general labor and the list goes on and on. Go to the employment page and check it out. 


Loans,  We do types, Just pick the type you need.  Pawn loans are the easiest, and quickest usually requiring 20 minutes are less to process. Then we have Micro loans which are are used for small repair jobs, remodeling,  or appliances.  We do Real Estate loans Which are the biggest and may require up to 4 to 6 days to process depending on type of property, location of property, amount being borrowed and property to secure the loan.